Peace but no prosperity in mining towns

Sunday Herald
Koidu, Sierra Leone

Mohamed Sano gave up farming three years ago and came to seek his fortune in the muddy pits of Koidu, the capital of Sierra Leone’s diamond industry. He hasn’t found it. Nor have most of the 200,000 other miners in Sierra Leone who search for diamonds with a bucket, a spade and a sieve. Continue reading Peace but no prosperity in mining towns

Bankruptcy and burials

The Economist
Accra, Ghana

Sweating under the weight of the coffin, red rags tied round their foreheads, the pall-bearers dip and weave through the crowd of mourners as the winged coffin soars above them, its brightly painted feathers forming a halo around the shining eyes and sharp beak. On a recent Saturday, Ghana’s funeral day, 67-year-old Nana Kobina Okai was buried in a multi-coloured, hand-carved, eagle-shaped coffin signifying his high social standing as the chief’s brother. Continue reading Bankruptcy and burials