Drugs smuggling in Africa | The Smack Track

The Economist
Nairobi, Kenya

20150117_MAM953Experts are calling it the African “Smack Track”: a circuitous route to smuggle heroin from Afghanistan to Europe, passing through east Africa. Two drug busts in November, netting 712kg of the stuff, closed a record year for heroin seizures off the coast of Kenya. The haul is less a sign of improved policing and more evidence of the growing importance of the route.

The largest seizure took place in April, when an Australian warship found more than a tonne of heroin hidden among sacks of cement on a dhow in international waters. As routinely happens on the high seas, the drugs were dumped overboard, while the crew and vessel were allowed to go. The discovery, with an estimated street value of $240m, was equivalent to all the heroin seized off east Africa between 1990 and 2009. Continue reading Drugs smuggling in Africa | The Smack Track